Jorge Corcuera

A Bit Of Who We Are.

My name is Jorge Corcuera. I am a photographer by profession, Irish resident and Spanish by birth, father of a beautiful girl. I am patient, kind, perfectionist and full of challenges.

Ireland welcomed me five years ago and since then I have lived in this beautiful country surrounded by wonders. I chose Waterford as my residence without being very clear about where I was going. Years later, I can confirm that it was the best option I could make. Living in this environment surrounded by an immensely glorious coastline, makes me grow as a person and as a photographer.

Although my name appears as the main developer of the work, I can always count on my wife Monica, who sometimes helps and supports me in my work. This is what turns an “About Me” into an “About Us”.

specialized in portraits and photographs for weddings and other special events.

 I have been working in spain for several years now and  I have my own studio.

 Currently I am focused on several projects in the world of photography.  

If you are looking for a photographer for your wedding or for any other event, or you just feel like doing a photo shoot – either in the studio, indoors or outdoors, 

write an email to:

My Passion

I love looking for the best moments of light and of people’s lives. The world of landscapes and portraits are completely different, but both give me different things that make me a better photographer.

I try to combine the techniques that I apply to the landscape in the techniques of my portraits. This makes my photography stand out and have its own style.


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