Jorge Corcuera

Color Theory

When we talk about color theory, it is important to note that we are not inventing anything new. We are just trying to apply the same techniques that many painters used for years. Imagine … The first writings of this science, colorimetry, date back to the writings of Leone Battista Albert (1345) or even Leorando da Vinci (1490). Modern color theory is heavily based on Isaac Newton’s color wheel. The truth is that it is interesting and beautiful to talk about how it has developed during the story but let’s focus.


What is color theory?

The theory of colors tries to create rules and a harmony between the colors to generate aesthetic and psychological connection, pleasant for the transmission or communication of a message.

The colors have the great impact on our mood and behavior. Colors have a great impact on our mood and behavior. In addition, each type of color conveys a feeling or emotion.

For that reason, we live surrounded by this whole game, without hardly realizing it.


What uses does color theory have?

Absolutely, it has uses for anything. It is used in painting, marketing, branding, fashion, interior design, animations, graphic illustrations, cinema, and a thousand other uses, but of course in photography.