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The session

How to choose clothes for a photo shoot

For a family or couple session, it works very well aesthetically, if everyone is wearing clothes of the same tonal range, or combining 2 tones, I do not mean that they are all dressed in the same color, if not to play with colors. Better solid or neutral colors, since it is more visually harmonious.

1. Natural tones, beige, gray, pastel shades

This option always works! It’s easy to find pieces in your closet that have just these colors. They are easy colors to combine with each other

2. Solid colors

Solid colors are a good option. In this case you must choose only 2 colors and play between them. Avoid garments with bright, phosphorescent colors

3. Look for fabrics that don’t wrinkle easily.

4. Comfortable and clean shoes with color to match the clothes

5. Solid Colors

A good idea can be solid colored clothes, without drawings, letters, or prints. Any motif on your clothes will steal your spotlight. Also, depending on what positions or angles, the drawings may not look good in a photograph.

6. Avoid very dark colors outdoors and white, black colors in the studio

7. Avoid garments with bright colors.

Some colors can reflect off the skin and cause unwanted effects in photos.


Clothing Colors Suitable For Session

For pregnancy session

You can bring elements of the decoration of your child’s room, a toy, a piece of baby clothes, an ultrasound… everything is welcome!

For Family session

Finally, to give a different touch to your children’s style, they can choose an accessory they like: scarves, hats or jackets. Small pieces of costume jewelery for girls… It will also be a very good idea to wear something that defines your personality: do you like football? Bring a ball! These accessories, in addition to giving the child something to forget that there are cameras in front of, will give us different, more natural and fun photographs.

eflect off the skin and cause unwanted effects in photos.

Conditions of service

How to book a photoshoot:

1. The price of the session is the cost of the time dedicated by the Photographer to the Client and / or her family, including the consultations prior to the session and that of the photographic session. This price does not include any product, be it digital or printed.

2. The deposit of the total sum of the price of the session is required to guarantee the Client the reservation of the session. This deposit ensures the Client the time and services of the Photographer for the photoshoot and is non-refundable, unless it falls into the force category

3. The photo session can be rescheduled once, at least 24 hours in advance and according to the availability of the Photographer to agree on the new date. In any other case the deposit will be forfeited.

4. The Client will be responsible for complying with the pre-established schedule for their session, it may begin up to a maximum of 10 minutes late with respect to the scheduled time. The session schedule begins from the set time, regardless of the time the Client arrives at the studio and / or it takes him to prepare for the session. After 10 minutes of delay, it will be subject to the discretion of the Photographer if it is done the session or not, depending on the availability of time, number of clients and workload. The reservation will be lost without the right to further claim in these cases.

The price of the session reservation:

Reservation book photo session 50 euros

Photoshoot includes:

1. Preparation of the session, wardrobe advice, locations and others.
2. The session.
3. Advice on positions during the photoshoot

This price include digital photos.

The price of the session is a deposit to reserve the day and time. Full prices you can see in OUR SERVICES.

The choice of place and its time will be made according to technical and artistic criteria given by the Photographer, the changes that the Client wishes to introduce to these criteria will be their responsibility.
The sessions can be scheduled from Monday to Sunday, depending on the availability and the schedule that the Photographer can provide and what the Client requires.

Outdoor sessions sould be start at 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. in Winter and at 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in summer

Regarding the responsibilities during the photo shoot:

1. The Photographer will not be responsible for the final decision of the Client’s clothing choice, for the cooperation of the Client and the members of his / her group or family during the session and / or for the refusal of one or more members to participate. of the group or family of the Client.

2. It will be the responsibility of the Client to ensure that their clothing, makeup, hairstyle and general appearance are consistent with what the Client wants for their photos.

3. The criteria of the Photographer about the locations, poses and the number of images to be captured is accepted in advance by the Client at the time of booking. Due to the arbitrariness of the weather, the light and depending on the disposition of the participants in the session, it may not be possible to capture all the images requested.

5. The time of the photosession will depend on the number of people, the age of the children, their disposition and the location. It will be approximately 60 minutes for all packs of 25 edited photos 

6. Once the photosession is finished, the Client must make the payment by bank transfer or cash according to the selected plan. Services will not be delivered until full payment for the session is received

7. The Studio and the photograph are not responsible for the Clients ‘health status, detaching from the Studio any responsibility for the alteration in the Clients’ health status before, during and after the photosession.

Post processing of images:

1. The number of photographs indicated by the photographer will be selected according to his criteria to be more suitable for editing. 

The photographer will send a link with the edited photographs and may send a second with the unedited ones in case the client requires any extra, informing the studio via email. The delivery time for the photographs will not exceed 7 days. It will be the responsibility of the Client to check their emails. No further claim from the Client for this selection will be accepted and any other photograph that he wishes to be edited will be considered an extraordinary work and will be charged separately (3 euros).

2. Aesthetic and editing decisions will be made according to what the photographer considers necessary to obtain the best result. The Client accepts that she hires the photographer taking into account her aesthetics and experience, which she can check on the various social networks that exhibit the Photographer’s work, so she leaves the editing decisions to the discretion of the photographer, without further claim.

4. It is the Client’s responsibility to download and safeguard the digital files they receive, both those resulting from the session and those edited later. The Studio will try to keep the digital files but does not guarantee their conservation since they have been sent to the Client, respectively, whether they are the photos of the session or the photos edited later.

Rights over images:

1. All images created by the Photographer will be her property, and may not be used without permission, for commercials, exhibitions and any other use that is not the personal enjoyment of the Client.

2. By making a photographic session with Jorge Corcuera Photography, the Client agrees that the Studio may use the images for advertising, including but not limited to these platforms: Facebook,, Instagram, commercials, etc … (not applicable to Boudoir sessions). Jorge Corcuera Photography reserves the right, as creator of all images, to tastefully use any image created in your session, WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE, for the purposes of promotion, publicity or marketing

3. If the Client does not want the images captured in the session are use for the purposes of promotion, publicity or marketing, on social medias or personal web:

It is not a problem for us, but please let us know before or during the photo session to avoid misunderstandings.

Force Majeure:

If the Photographer cannot provide the service due to fire, accident, stoppages or civil disorders, natural events of greater connotation that prevent the normal development of the service, events that make the development of the activity impossible or highly risky and complex, beyond the control From the Client or the Photographer, the Client will receive in full any payment made to the photographer during the service.

The same solution, It will be given in the event that the photographic session cannot be carried out due to damage to the equipment or loss of it, which prevents the normal development of the session, without the Client or their family or group having participated in it.

The Conditions detailed here may be subject to change without prior notice.